Terms and Condition

JuteBar is an international business that serves consumers and businesses sustainable and eco-friendly products and packaging. we are committed to reduce plastic wastage and contribute for the greener development. we help businesses to find and adopt appropriate alternative solutions to plastics and plastic made products.

while we serve internationally, clients have to agree on the following terms and conditions.

Delivery Terms

  • usual air shipment time from producing country- Bangladesh to Denmark is 15 days, completing the paperwork’s and shipping.
  • customers have to pick up order items from respective courier service office- agreed, or need to pay for the delivery from courier office/jutebar Denmark warehouse to respective clients address.
  • for sea shipment, usual delivery time is 60 days to 70 days, which may vary.
  • for sea shipment, customers have to pay for in-country transportation from port of destination to clients own location.
  • if customers delay to release shipment from customs, and for that any delay of charge applies, customers have to pay the delay charge and any other sub-sequent charges- duties, penalties, penalties, surcharges, vat, special duties, customers have to pay that cost.

Payment Terms

  • 50 percent of payment is required during the placement of the order, most of the terms.
  • Payment has to be made through bank transfer.
  • Full payment must be completed before the shipment of the products ordered.