At Jutebar we work globally code of conduct. This is a set of rules which guides us towards how we run our business and help the employees to mainyain an ethical standard all over the world. We call this our Code of Conduct. Briefly said it means that we keep our promises and try to create value in all what we do.

All employees and partners at Jutebar has an obligation to learn and keep to the guidelines described in our Code of Conduct and the values, that can be seen in it.

We have to stick to the words and the spirit in the code and help others do the same

Human Rights statement

Every day we work together to strengthen the trust in society and be a part of solving essential problematic issues.

Together we want to live up to our ethical responsibility – both when it comes to our employees and others we are in contact with – for Jutebar and for our suppliers.

#1 No child workers

Our engagement in the human rights is already an established and integrated part of our way to run the business. We do not use child workers.

As a matter of fact most of our employees in Bangladesh are over 30 years old because we request good skills and 10-15 years of experience in order to maintain the quality of the produkts.

#2 Good work conditions

We care about minimizing poverty and therefore we pay a decent salary plus bonus for special holidays to our employees.

Besides that we help our employees in situations for example in need of medical assistance.

We care about a good work environment such as fresh air, clean water and in generel good work conditions.

#3 Gender equality

We try to work against discrimination fx based on gender. We try to keep an 50/50 balance between male and female employees. To make it possible we provide good childcare for our emplyees with small children.

#4 Openness

All interested parties are welcome to vist the factory and show room in Bangladesh.

Likewise we are open to show documentation and contracts.