•    Terms and conditions:

    • Order and delivery: 

    a)Order has to place on www.jutebar.com of CVR no 41951796 to get the products properly at customers door. Per retail order through online for per unit shipping charge 49DKK inside the Denmark and outside of Denmark depends on the courier site. Orders of more than 599 DKK will be delivered free of shipping charge inside Denmark.

    b)Delivery will happen for small retail order through online within 5-7 working days. For business and wholesale delivery it depends on the volume of order. Order more than 3000 units will take 15-30 days to deliver on air shipment and shipment price must be paid by the buyer in that case. So Business and whole customer has to contact at raisul@jutebar.com for the specific terms and condition of big volume of order which will be held by sea shipment and air shipment.

    c) If orders would be more than 1000 unit then customers have to contact to Jutebar Denmark ApS by sending an email into raisul@jutebar.com for carrier charge.

    d)Order can pick up free of cost from the Jutebar physical store Stjernegade 5a,3000 Helsingør.

    e) In terms of wholesale or big quantity order, a written purchase order has to made from customers side before placing the order to www.jutebar.com

    f)On the time of delivery there should be a representative from the buyer or purchaser side. In case of absent or extra delivery Jutebar Denmark ApS has right to charge extra from customer.

    g)Products must be checked before receipt from deliverer of Jutebar Denmark ApS. Products can be checked of defects and error,colour,size,width and length.

    • Price and payment :

    a)Price should pay 100% on online purchase through www.jutebar.com website.Retail  Customers can pay through their Mastercard, visa card,DK cards and Apple Pay.

    b)  Price should pay 100% on online purchase through www.jutebar.com website. Retail Customers can pay through their Mastercard, visa card,DK card.All price are included  VAT 25% for the retail end user  and carrier charge according to danish law for the retail customers.

    c)The confirmed price for the Business level and whole customer combined with raw materials,cargo,taxes and other external issues. So customer has to agree the submitted quotation within the given time limit by Jutebar Denmark ApS else price may vary .

    d)If the agreed price is not given by the customer on time to Jutebar Denmark ApS then 2% interest rate will be add per month from the given date.

    e)Environmental surcharges will be add on every order like 3-4% excluding VAT according to danish law.

    f)70% advance should pay upfront in terms of big volume of order with written agreement between Jutebar Denmark ApS and buyer. Rest 30% will be paid no later than 8days upon delivery. For any kind of delay 2% interest rate will be added per month to customer.

    g)Pallet price will added in terms of big volume of order.


    • Information on the right of cancel the order or return the products and Money back:
    1. For single or small quantity retail purchase, customer can cancel the order at any time. Customers can get back the money within 14 business days after cancellation. 
    1. Customer can get back the money of return products within 21 business days after sending the return products into Jutebar Denmark ApS given address.
    1. In terms of big wholesale order customer has to agreed upon Jutebar Denmark ApS terms and condition before cancel the order. In that case buyer or purchaser has to pay certain amount of costs of raw materials, production costs, shipping costs and other operational cost to Jutebar Denmark ApS.
    • Processing of complaints from end customers:

    a)Customers can complain to Jutebar Denmark ApS within 8days upon delivery. In case of delay Jutebar can inform customer by writing email or phone call. Jutebar Denmark will not liable for the external issues of delay according to danish law.

    b)Customer can return their products for single retail purchase unpacked with product’s sticker and price tag to Jutebar Denmark physical warehouse address within 7 business days.

    c)Single retail or Business customer can complain regarding any issue at any time to Jutebar Denmark ApS by writing an email to raisul@jutebar.com.They can expect the response within 3 business days from Jutebar Denmark ApS.

    • Limitations, liabilities and tolerance:

    a)For the production related order buyers must deliver the layout, design and other required materials to Jutebar Denmark ApS for making the samples. Jutebar Denmark ApS will go for the final production after written approve of samples from the customers end.

    b)Jutebar Denmark ApS will not liable for copy right issue of samples and products materials provided by the customers.

    c)There are always color and printed shaded in between 10-20%.So Jutebar Denmark ApS has reserve the right to tolerance in terms of printing,colour,thikness,width in between 10-20% of any volume of orders. Customers should keep into their mind that color shaded occur when products are going to printing.

    d)Until the full payment has been made by the customers to Jutebar Denmark ApS, the property or products right full awarded by Jutebar Denmark ApS.

    e)Logos and tiles of Jutebar Denmark ApS has been used in the bottom of the products or sticker upon agreement between buyer and Jutebar Denmark ApS.

    f)In case of buyers default if anything happen of production and delivery then Jutebar Denmark ApS can claim compensation from the buyer.

    g)For wrong delivery and missing delivery ,Jutebar Denmark ApS may give shipping charge to buyer for redelivery with right items.

    h)Claims for damages of selling goods from the Jutebar Denmark ApS cannot be exceed from the amount of invoice of what goods has been sold in terms of amount or volume. Jutebar Denmark ApS will not be liable somehow for the operating loss or profit loss or any kinds of delay by the third party carrier unless there is written agreement any separate contract.

    • Venue and Laws:

    a)All the dispute between buyer and Jutebar Denmark ApS will be resolved according the danish law in the danish court.

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